EyeDream Ortho-K Lenses

EyeDream is an exciting form of vision correction bringing a modern approach to a technique known as orthokeratology (Ortho-K). It involves overnight wear of custom made precision lenses which gently alter the shape of your eyes to correct your short sightedness (myopia). The lenses are removed on waking up and you are able to see clearly all day without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

EyeDream is available for people with low to moderate degree of short sightedness (up to about -5) and it is particularly suited to:

  • people finding contact lenses difficult to wear due to dry eyes or allergies,
  • people who do a lot of sports, particularly contact and water sports where contact lenses or glasses are not a practical option,
  • people who appreciate the freedom from glasses or contact lenses all day.

There is strong evidence that EyeDream lenses can be very effective in slowing down the progression of myopia (short sightedness) in children and teenagers. For more information visit our Myopia Control page.

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