Keratoconus and Irregular Cornea

We have a particular interest and expertise in keratoconus. The founder of the practice Tony Shephard devoted his professional life to developing contact lenses to correct keratoconus and other corneal irregularities. He wrote various papers and lectured home and overseas on keratoconus. Our optometrists Ali Akay and Elanor Turnbull have several years of experience working with Tony Shephard, and see keratoconic patients on a regular basis.

We use a vast range of specialist keratoconus lenses including Acuity AK corneal lenses; Kerasoft, KIC, Acuity Soft K, Novakone and Rose K2 Soft keratoconus lenses; SO2 Clear, Comfort 15 and Scotlens KCS corneoscleral lenses; Synergeyes family of hybrid lenses; Scotlens Easy Scleral, ICD and Zenlens mini scleral lenses.

You can find out more information on keratoconus on our keratoconus page.

Some of the keratoconus fitting sets used at our practice

Corneal topography (mapping) chart of a typical keratoconic cornea. The red area shows the area of steepening and thinning from keratoconus.

Some of the keratoconus fitting sets used at our practice

Some of the keratoconus fitting sets used at our practice.

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Keratoconus Group

We are members of the UK Keratoconus Self Help and Support Association and we are on their list of Keratoconus Friendly Optometrists.